Richard Cantave

The haitian nomad

I like to travel but Richard Cantave LOVES to travel. Richard travels a lot, he goes in different fun exotic places, people actually thinks that he’s a traveler. But he does have a 9 to 5 job. This is how he does it…

The things that I love to do pretty much gives me the opportunity to travel a lot. I work for a non profit organization, which is something I’m very passionate about. I participate in everything that has to do with humans. So I don’t only travel I work normally from 9 to 5 and lucky me i have a flexible job, I work with people that encourages the employees to have a life outside of work. How do I do it? I live in New York so i travel on the holidays, mostly short week end holidays trips. How do I decide my destination? I use this app that allows me to just put the dates that I want to go and my location and I leave the destination blank then click search. By doing that I can see all of the flight from NY to any destination for that specific date. Another thing, I use Airbnb a lot, why would I spend a lot of money paying for a resort while I’m not even going to stay in the room as much as I will go out. I’m here to enjoy the country not the room. I also did this crazy 15 city year trip so I did this thing called couchsurfing, you sleep on people’s couch. I was in this guy’s house, he left me the keys, spent 2 days never saw him and the third day he asked me what I was doing I was like nothing much lucky me again he works at the Louvre so I we went there, took a free tour.

I met this guy in Port-au-Prince airport that approached me and talked to me about a group of 15,000 travelers around the world on Facebook and I got added after but what got my attention was that no one took the step and organized a group trip to Haiti which is what I started to do. I started with 45 people I barely slept, staying awake organizing and it went very well. But now I don’t do 45 people no more, 20 is my limit now, it’s easier.

If your goal is to travel, you need to start saving now, every little counts, you have to be determined, positive and give “dèyèw 2 tap” book now ask questions later.

My 5 tips to whoever wants to travel easily and enjoy have fun at the same time is: 1. Be flexible 2. Be open minded 3. Don’t book resorts 4. Follow the locals 5. Don’t be afraid socialize and as a Bonus tip: Share your experience.

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